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School of Arts, Sciences and Health Professions


Kitty Krieg, Ph.D., Dean
Glenn Blalock, Ph.D., Associate Dean

The School of Arts, Sciences and Health Professions (ASHP) at Our Lady of the Lake College(OLOLC) provides foundational general education and prerequisite courses for both pre-clinical and non-clinical students as, well as several Associate of Science (A.S.) degree programs: arts and sciences; physical therapist assisting; radiologic technology; respiratory therapy; and surgical technology. Baccalaureate (B.A., B.S.) degrees offered include biology (with concentrations chosen from general biology and,pre-professional human medicine), clinical laboratory science, and liberal studies (with concentrations chosen from English, psychology, sociology and religious studies). The School also offers a Master of Medical Science degree in physician assistant studies and a Master of Health Administration degree in health administration . The content of all courses in the School of Arts, Sciences, and Health Professions is organized and presented in a manner that facilitates continued academic growth and progression through the College experience to prepare students for academic and professional challenges.  

Goals and Objectives for the School of Arts, Sciences, and Health Professions


Implement and assess the general education curriculum for all OLOLC students;


Continue for all ASHP programs the cycle of review that includes assessment, analysis of results and use of results, to improve programs;


Work with other units in the College to enhance enrollment, community engagement, and collegiality across the institution;


Continue to improve the performance of all faculty and staff: institute a faculty development plan and a staff-development plan that target areas perceived to be most critical to the continuing professionalization of faculty and staff;


Promote a climate of active learning and student engagement;


Continue to improve the efficiency of the day-to-day operation of the School, identifying and resolving inefficiencies within the School and working with administration and other units to develop appropriate policies and procedures across the College;


Facilitate communication across the School and the College;


Foster an atmosphere of collegiality and joyfulness of spirit among the School community and support the professional self-esteem of it members.

Arts, Sciences and Health Professions Courses

General education courses and many degree programs in the School of Arts, Sciences, and Health Professions are offered in fall, spring and summer semesters according to the published academic calendar. The schedule of clinical programs varies according to the requirements of each program. Students should check with the directors of individual programs to ascertain class meeting times and clinical rotation schedules. 

Students enrolled in a distributed learning program offered through the School of Arts, Sciences, and Health Professions must adhere to the same curricular guidelines as those enrolled in traditional on-campus programs as presented in this catalog.

Departmental Contacts for Associate of Science Degrees

Barbara Napoli, M.B.A. - Associate of Science in Arts and Sciences
Dianne Phillips, B.S. - Associate of Science in Physical Therapist Assisting
Debbie Gallerson, M.Ed., R.T. - Associate of Science in Radiologic Technology
Sue Davis, M.A.Ed., R.R.T., N.P.S. - Associate of Science in Respiratory Therapy
Alice Comish, M.S.N., R.N., C.N.O.C. - Associate of Science in Surgical Technology 

Departmental Contacts for Baccalaureate Degrees

Janice Stein, Ph.D. - Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies (English)
Marion Cahill, Ed.D. - Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies (Psychology)
Pamela Behan, Ph.D. - Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies (Sociology)
Francis Vanderwall, Ph.D. - Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies (Religious Studies)
Brian Rash, Ph.D. - Bachelor of Science in Biology (General Biology and Human Medicine)
Deborah Fox, Ph.D. - Bachelor of Science in Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Kitty Krieg, Ph.D. - Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences
Elizabeth Berzas, Ph.D., F.A.C.H.E. - Bachelor of Science in Health Service Administration

Departmental Contacts for Master's Degrees

John Allgood, PA-C,M.P.A.S. - Physician Assistant Studies Program

Elizabeht Berzas, PH.D., F.A.C.H.E.- Master of Health Administration