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Distributed learning

In addition to offering high quality, traditional face-to-face classroom learning, courses across the College utilize various learning technologies in many different ways.  Distributed learning (DL) occurs when the faculty member and students are situated in separate locations for a large part or all of the teaching and learning time.  Learning occurs through the use of technologies (such as video and Internet).  

OLOLC offers two types of courses that use distributed learning in ways commonly called distance learning. The two course types defined below may be offered synchronously (meaning all students are online with the instructor at the same time) or asynchronously (meaning students may pursuer course objectives without being online at the same time as other students and the instructor).

A blended course will meet on campus at regularly scheduled intervals throughout the term, though a significant majority of the learning and teaching will take place online.

An online course will have no scheduled class meetings on campus. The course will be conducted entirely in an online environment.