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Bachelor of Science Degree
Nursing, RN to BSN/MSN Program


The purpose of the Our Lady of the Lake College RN to BSN/MSN Program is to provide registered nurses with a broad educational foundation and the opportunity to obtain the Bachelor or Master of Science in Nursing degree. This program of study prepares the student for professional leadership roles, career enhancement, and graduate/doctoral study in nursing. It expands upon knowledge and skills essential to practice in a rapidly changing health care environment. The program is flexible and student-oriented. It is designed for diploma and ASN prepared nurses who wish to further their education on a part-time or full-time basis while continuing employment. The RN- BSN/MSN program offers two tracks: nurse educator and nurse administrator.


Upon completion of the RN to BSN/MSN Program, the graduate will be able to:

  1. Integrate spiritual, cultural and developmental concepts and values in providing and managing care for clients.
  2. Synthesize knowledge from the humanities, biopsychosocial and nursing sciences in providing and managing nursing care.
  3. Use management/ leadership skills and knowledge of the socio-political system in providing comprehensive, therapeutic nursing care.
  4. Use the nursing process to provide nursing care for clients, groups and communities.
  5. Collaborate with clients, groups, communities and other health care providers in the delivery of health care.
  6. Incorporate findings from nursing and health-related research in promoting health and in the delivery of nursing care.
  7. Participate in the delivery of health services by functioning in nursing roles necessary to meet the needs of a changing society.
  8. Practice within the professionís legal and ethical boundaries to meet the health care needs of clients, groups and communities.
  9. Assume responsibility for continuing personal, professional and educational development necessary to function in a rapidly changing health care environment.

Admission Criteria

  1. Have completed a diploma or associate degree from an NLNAC or CCNE accredited nursing program.
  2. Current registered nurse licensure in Louisiana or eligibility of same. (Applicants who have graduated from an accredited RN program but have not yet obtained RN licensure may be accepted on a provisional basis for one semester.)
  3. Transfer credit for courses from other accredited institutions and credit-by-examination will be accepted according to OLOLC policy.

Application Process

Students may apply for admission to the RN to BSN/MSN Program during the last semester of enrollment in an RN program (ASN or diploma) or after completion of an RN program. Applicants should apply by May 1 for summer admission, by July 1 for fall admission, and by December 1 for spring admission. Currently, there is no selective admission process; however, early application is strongly encouraged and may be required in order for the student to preregister for courses with limited enrollments.

Admission Decisions

Full Acceptance

Full acceptance into the RN to BSN/MSN Program is awarded to those applicants who have completed an RN program (diploma or ASN), obtained RN licensure in Louisiana, and meet the admission requirements of OLOLC.

Provisional Acceptance

Provisional acceptance is granted for one semester only (fall, spring, summer) to applicants who have not yet obtained RN licensure in Louisiana. The student must meet full acceptance criteria for second semester enrollment in the RN to BSN/MSN Program.

The studentís acceptance letter into the RN to BSN/MSN Program will direct her/him to contact a program advisor for academic advising. Students must see an academic advisor prior to enrolling in the first semester of the RN to BSN/MSN Program and prior to enrolling in the last semester of the Program.

Graduation Requirements

  • Complete one hundred twenty (120) credit hours in the required courses;
  • Complete RN-BSN nursing courses within five (5) years;
  • Achieve a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher on all college work;
  • Achieve a grade of C or better on all course work leading to the BSN degree;
  • Fulfill the residency requirement of 36 hours for the Bachelor of Science degree; thirty of those hours must be at the 3000-4000 level and must be taken at OLOLC;
  • Clearance of all indebtedness to OLOLC, including the return of all materials borrowed from the College Library.